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Lipari and its surroundings

Cooking and baking traditions

Lipari preserves many traditions both in terms of cuisine and baking specialties. Obviously, the ways of cooking the various species of fish enhance the local cuisine. Stands out the “dumplings of redfish and grouper”, stuffed squids, anchovies with beccafico, swordfish rolls, risotto with squid ink and spaghetti with aromas of local herbs, with the sea flaps or with the octopus. Many others are the typical dishes of the Aeolian cuisine with the use of eggplant, zucchini and farmyard animals.

In addition to the great variety of flavours of the granite and ice creams, the local tradition offers the “nacatoli” based on almond paste: delicious sheets of flour and eggs, enriched with a sweet filling of almonds, sugar, cinnamon, mandarin and malvasia.

They are worked by hand and baked in the oven to be served after meals with malvasia or zibibbo; the “cassatieddi” prepared with a filling of raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, dried figs and sugar, spiced by a pinch of cinnamon and malvasia; the sesamini with malvasia of Lipari, the pumpkin pasticciotti stuffed with its jam; the “spicchiteddi” made with 00 flour, sugar, almonds, cinnamon and cooked wine.

They have a characteristic spiral shape, a brown colour and they are deliciously crunchy; the gigi delicious cakes with a spherical shape, made thanks to a paste that is then fried and covered with a glaze of cooked wine and sugar. They have a unique taste and aroma in the world.

The cannoli, are the typical pastries of Sicily and the most known in the world. Its waffle is crumbly and crunchy, while the inside – tradition wants – that is filled with ricotta cream; all the bakers of the Aeolian Islands present even some variations.

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